Meerkatsu/Scramble "Gentle Omoplata" Tee


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This one-of-a-kind tee was designed by the incredibly talented and well known Seymour Yang, better known as Meerkatsu (, along with the good folks at Scramble ( It depicts a Japanese princess defeating an Oni (Japanese demon) via omoplata. Her serene and gentle expression masks the brutal efficiency of the technique. It's the essence of jiu-jitsu, the gentle art, and is a metaphor for good vs. evil—our community vs. cancer.

The shirt is a 100% cotton premium fitted Next Level tee. Cut long with a high thread count for extreme softness and comfortable fit.

**NOTE: Due to a color change by the manufacturer, the shirts are darker than they originally were. An accurate photo has been uploaded, so you'll see the new, darker look (which we actually like better). We'll continue to ship the lighter version until we are sold out.

As always, every purchase helps us take another step towards defeating cancer!

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